Why choose FabricForm?

FabricForm is an is eye-catching and luxurious alternative to embroidery. 


We can reproduce your logo with all of the existing colors used, including

half tones and optional metallic colors. 


FabricForm Premium Emblems are easily applied in seconds with heat, and won't leave any annoying backing on the inside of the garment. 

Consider us your partner.

We at FabricForm offer a knowledgeable team of specialists to help with the design

process including one contact person who will work with you and follow your project from start to finish.

We are consistently exploring new ways to help promote your brand. We recognize the value of your time and our staff will help guide you and your logo to

apparel branding success.

Want to see just how easily FabricForm Premium Emblems are applied to shirts? 

We appreciate your curiosity. We'll have more here soon, we promise.

For a few suggestions on garment care with a FabricForm Premium Emblem applied, click here. Seriously, it's pretty short and sweet. 

View our promotional videos and instructions! More coming soon!